Call IOUs Doubtful

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Definition 1:
Unsure or uncertain :feeling doubt about something usually + about .

I was dubious [=doubtful] about our chances for success.
Definition 2:
Causing doubt, uncertainty, or suspicion :likely to be bad or wrong .

Her conclusions are pretty dubious, if you ask me. [=her conclusions are probably wrong]
He made the highly dubious claim that Elvis is still alive and living in Hawaii.
She was a dubious choice for the job. [=she was not a good choice for the job]
They got their money through dubious means/methods. [=methods that were probably dishonest or illegal]
A man of dubious character
Definition 3:
used ironically in phrases like dubious honor and dubious distinction to describe something bad or undesirable as if it were an honor or achievement .

He is the lawyer with the dubious honor of having lost the most cases in the firm.
We had the dubious distinction of losing 12 games in a row.

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