Business Leader

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Definition 1:
The person whose job is to tell other workers what to do see also pit boss.

Why don’t you ask your boss for a raise?
Company policy says that vacation time must be cleared with your boss. [=supervisor]
My former boss
Jane started her own business so that she could be her own boss. [=have no boss except for herself]
Definition 2:
A person who has a lot of power in an organization .

A union boss
Mafia bosses
The movie studio boss
During the campaign, no one was willing to stand up to the party boss. [=the person with the most power in a political party or one branch of a political party]
Definition 3:
The person who has more power or control in a relationship .

The two oldest children argued over who was boss for the entire hour their mother was out shopping.
He wants to show them who’s (the) boss. [=who’s in charge]

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