Burnt Residue

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Definition 1:
The soft gray powder that remains after something (such as a cigarette or wood) has been completely burned and destroyed by fire noncount count .

The town lay under a thick layer/blanket of ash.
Clouds of hot volcanic ash
The village was covered in ashes.
Cigarette ashes
Definition 2:
The burned parts that remain when something is destroyed often used figuratively .

The city was reduced to ashes by the fire. = The city was burned to ashes.
Their happiness turned to ashes. [=their happiness was destroyed]
The nation slowly rose from the ashes of war. = It slowly rose out of the ashes and began to rebuild itself.
We sifted through the ashes of our ruined lives.
Definition 3:
The remains of a dead human body after it has been burned or cremated .

The ashes of the dead
She kept her dead mother’s ashes in a jar above the fireplace.
He asked to have his ashes scattered along the river.

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