Brilliant But Outdated Inside Information

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Definition 1:
Made of gold .

A golden idol
golden jewelry
Definition 2:
Having the deep yellow color of gold .

golden hair
Fields of golden wheat
Definition 3:
Very happy and successful see also golden age golden years.

The memoir recounts the golden times in her life.
A golden era
Definition 4:
Very excellent :superb wonderful .

This is a golden opportunity. [=a wonderful opportunity; an excellent chance to do or get something]
Definition 5:
Very talented, popular, and successful used in the phrases golden boy and golden girl .

He was once the golden boy of tennis, but now few people remember his name.
She’s the golden girl of the newspaper business.
Definition 6:
Having a rich and smooth sound .

A smooth golden voice
Definition 7:
In a very good or fortunate position or situation .

If the bank approves the loan, we’re golden.
Definition 8:
Of or relating to the 50th anniversary of an important event (such as a marriage) compare diamond silver.

They will celebrate their golden (wedding) anniversary this year. = (Brit) They will celebrate their golden wedding this year.
A golden jubilee

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