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Definition 1:
Newly produced, made, gathered, etc. :not preserved by being frozen, canned, etc. .

fresh vegetables = vegetables fresh from the farm = farm-fresh vegetables
You can use either fresh or dried basil for this recipe.
fresh fish [=fish that were caught and killed very recently]
Definition 2:
Not old, spoiled, etc. .

fresh bread = bread fresh from the oven = oven-fresh bread
The meat was kept fresh in the refrigerator.
A bouquet of fresh flowers
Definition 3:
Clean and pure .

fresh air
fresh flavors
fresh colors
Definition 4:
Not having an unpleasant smell, taste, etc. .

fresh breath
Definition 5:
Not worn or dirty .

He changed into a fresh shirt.
She brought a fresh change of clothes.
Definition 6:
Full of life and energy .

She rose fresh from a good night’s sleep.
She always seems to be (as) fresh as a daisy. [=very fresh; not at all tired]
Definition 7:
Not containing salt .

fresh water
Definition 8:
Newly made, experienced, or received .

A fresh wound
Definition 9:
Replacing something old or used .

Can I get you a fresh drink?
I used a fresh piece of paper.
Let’s make a fresh start. [=let’s start again]
Definition 10:
Remaining clear :not faded .

I’d like to take the test soon, while the information is still fresh in my mind. [=while I still remember the information clearly]
Memories that remained fresh
Definition 11:
New and original .

She offered fresh insight into the problem.
A young writer with fresh ideas
Let’s try a fresh approach to this problem.
Definition 12:
Behaving or talking in a rude or impolite way .

Don’t be/get fresh with the teacher.
A very fresh kid
Definition 13:
Behaving or talking in a way that shows sexual attraction to someone .

He tried to get fresh with me.
Definition 14:
Fairly strong .

A fresh breeze

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