Be The Best In Heavy Metal

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Definition 1:
To guide someone to a place especially by going in front no obj + obj often + to often used as (be) led often used figuratively .

You lead and we’ll follow right behind you.
He led [=took] me into a room in the back of the house.
You lead us and we’ll follow right behind you.
The teacher led the child by the hand to his seat. = The teacher took the child’s hand and led him to his seat.
Our hostess led us to the dinner table.
The passengers were led onto/aboard the ship by the steward.
The prisoner was led off to jail [=was taken to jail] in handcuffs.
I gradually led the interview around/back to the subject of his failed marriage.
He says that he will follow the evidence wherever it leads (him).
This leads me to my next point, which is that the building needs a new roof.
The painting’s composition leads the/your eye to the figures in the foreground. [=causes you to look at the figures in the foreground]
Definition 2:
To go or be at the front part of (something) .

The veterans will lead a parade down Main Street.
lead a march
Definition 3:
To lie or go in a specified direction often used figuratively .

The path leads uphill.
This road doesn’t lead to the village as we thought it did.
A set of stairs that leads down to the basement
There was a path leading (off) from the meadow into the woods.
She realized that their relationship would never lead to marriage.
The investigation into the murder was leading nowhere. [=the investigation was not solving the crime]
Definition 4:
To guide the actions of a person or group :to be in charge of a person, group, activity, etc. no obj + obj .

We need to elect someone who can lead.
Bosses who lead by example [=who show employees how they should act by acting that way themselves]
She leads her employees by setting a good example for them.
She led a successful boycott of the store.
lead an expedition
A visiting professor will be leading the seminar.
lead [=direct] an orchestra
She led the children in a song. [=she sang a song and the children sang with her]
Definition 5:
To cause (a person, group, etc.) to do something or to follow some course of action usually followed by to or to + verb .

Her interest in art led her into the field of art history.
His volunteer work in the hospital led him to a career in nursing. = His volunteer work in the hospital led [=inspired] him to become a nurse.
Her experience with cancer led her to consider writing a book on the subject.
The evidence leads me to believe [=makes me believe] that this disease is curable.
We’ve been led to believe that the labels on food items disclose all ingredients, but it’s becoming clear that this is not the case.
I had been led to expect that someone would meet me at the airport, but no one came.
He led me to understand [=he told me or caused me to think] that the deadline was January 7.
Definition 6:
To be first, best, or ahead in a race or competition no obj + obj often used figuratively .

The team that is currently leading in the pennant race
At the end of the fourth inning, the Red Sox led by two runs.
lead a race
They led their opponents by 20 points at the end of the third quarter.
The team that is leading the league [=the team that is in first place]
A batter who leads the league in home runs [=who has hit more home runs than any other batter]
A runner who is leading the pack/field [=a runner who is ahead of the group of other runners]
Their company leads the world [=is the most successful company in the world] in developing new technology to assist people with disabilities.
Definition 7:
To go through (life) in a certain way :to have (a specified kind of life) .

They chose to lead [=live] a quiet life.
He leads a peaceful existence.
It turned out that he had been leading a double life. [=deceiving people about his life, not telling the whole truth about his life]
He has always led a charmed life. [=he has always been lucky]
She needs to lead her own life. [=she needs to make her own decisions about her life]
Definition 8:
To begin play in a card game with (a certain card or kind of card) + obj no obj .

lead trumps
led a spade
lead with a spade
Definition 9:
To guide a dance partner through the steps of a dance .

I don’t know this dance, so I’d prefer it if you lead.
Definition 10:
To ask (a witness) a question in a way that suggests what the answer should be :to ask (a witness) a leading question .

The judge ruled that the lawyer was leading the witness.

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