Be Situated In Beaulieu

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Definition 1:
To be in a flat position on a surface (such as a bed) see picture at position.

Lie still.
She lay asleep on the bed.
He lay dead on the floor.
The police found him lying unconscious in an alley.
All the dog did was just lie there.
Definition 2:
To move from a standing or sitting position to a flat position on a surface .

The doctor asked him to lie [=lie down] on the table.
Definition 3:
used to mark the place where a person is buried .

Here lies John Smith. = Here lies the body of John Smith.
Definition 4:
To be in a flat position on a surface .

Snow lying on the ground
A note was lying on the table when he came home.
The leaves lay thick on the ground.
He placed a hand on her shoulder, where it lay [=rested] for a moment.
Definition 5:
To be or remain in a specified state or condition .

The city lay in ruins.
The book was lying open on the desk.
The factory continues to lie idle.
Dishes lying dirty in the sink
Definition 6:
To be in a specified direction .

Our route lay to the west.
Definition 7:
To be located in a particular place often used figuratively .

The village lies in a peaceful valley.
The river lies along the western edge of the mountains.
Ohio lies east of Indiana. = Ohio lies to the east of Indiana.
A ship was lying in the harbor.
The mountains lay between us and our goal.
I don’t know where the answer lies. [=I don’t know where the answer can be found; I don’t know what the answer is]
He doesn’t know where his future lies. [=he doesn’t know what he will do in the future]
The choice lay between fighting or surrendering. [=the choice was between fighting or surrendering]
There is no question about where her loyalties lie. [=about which person, group, etc., she is loyal to]
The problem lies in knowing what to do.
I don’t know what to do, and therein lies the problem. [=that is the problem]
Definition 8:
To be at a specified level in a competition .

They are lying third. = They are lying in third place. [=they are in third place]

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