Author Mostly Inexperienced

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Definition 1:
Having the color of growing grass .

green leaves
A green sweater
Definition 2:
Covered by green grass or other plants .

green fields
Definition 3:
Consisting of green plants or of the leaves of plants .

A green salad
Definition 4:
Feeling envy usually used in the phrase green with envy .

His brother’s success made him green with envy.
Definition 5:
Not ripe yet .

green tomatoes
Definition 6:
Not having training, knowledge, or experience .

green troops
When she arrived at the company she was still very green but eager to learn.
Definition 7:
Having a pale or sick appearance often used in the phrase green around/about the gills .

Our flight hit some turbulence, and half the passengers started turning green.
The passengers were looking green around the gills.
Definition 8:
Trying to protect or meant to protect the natural world :concerned with protecting the environment .

She only buys products from green companies.
Companies that use green practices [=companies that do things in a way that helps to protect the environment]
Finding greener methods of waste disposal

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