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Definition 1:
A building where plays, shows, etc., are performed on a stage see also dinner theater.

The oldest theater in the city
A theater performance
The theater district in New York City
Definition 2:
A building or room in which movies are shown .

The film is now showing in theaters.
A movie theater
A home theater
Definition 3:
Plays in general or as a form of entertainment .

We enjoyed a weekend of music, dance, and theater.
He was very fond of the theater and had purchased tickets for several performances.
Her interests include theater and poetry.
The theater of 16th-century England
A theater critic
Definition 4:
The art or activity of performing in or producing plays on a stage see also community theater.

She majored in theater in college.
A course in American theater
His monologues made for good theater.
The play makes lively theater.
A theater troupe/company
Definition 5:
A place where important events or actions occur usually singular .

The theater of health-care reform
Definition 6:
A large area where there is a war .

He fought in the Pacific theater (of operations) in World War II.
Definition 7:
operating room.

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