Atomic Energy Yields Diamonds

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Definition 1:
Frozen water see also dry ice.

The steps were coated with ice.
A piece of ice
Ice formed on the car’s windows.
The ice melted quickly in the hot sun.
ice crystals/particles/sculptures
ice cubes
Definition 2:
A sheet of frozen water see also black ice center ice.

She skated out onto the ice.
He almost fell through a hole in the ice.
Definition 3:
Cubes or pieces of ice .

Fill the glass with ice.
Definition 4:
A frozen dessert of crushed ice sweetened with fruit juice .

(a) raspberry ice
Definition 5:
A serving of ice cream.

Definition 6:
Diamonds or jewelry .

He gave her some ice for her birthday.
She was dripping with ice. [=she was wearing a lot of diamond jewelry]

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