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Definition 1:
A discussion between people in which they express different opinions about something A debate can be an organized event, an informal discussion between two or more people, or a general discussion that involves many people. count often + on, about, or over noncount often + on, about, or over If something is a matter of debate or open to debate, people have different ideas and opinions about it. .

The candidates participated in several debates before the election was held.
Our polite chat about politics slowly turned into a heated debate. [=argument]
At the center/core/heart of the debate [=controversy] is the question of responsibility.
The university is hosting a debate on gun control.
Current debates on/about the value of public schools
The town held a debate over what to do about the recent traffic problems.
The court decision sparked a raging/furious debate over property rights.
The meaning of the text has been the subject of considerable/intense/lively debate among scholars for many years.
What topics will be under debate? [=debated]
There was much debate on/about/over whether the new program was worth the cost.
There’s little debate [=controversy] about the health benefits of moderate exercise.
The book traces centuries of debate over the origins of language.
Whether or not the tax cuts benefit the poor is still a matter of debate. [=debatable]
The accuracy of the report is open to debate.

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