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Definition 1:
Existing or happening far away in space :separated by space .

Astronomers studying distant galaxies
They visited all sorts of distant [=far-off] places.
He finished the race a distant second. [=he was the second person to finish the race but he was far behind the winner]
The town is about 30 miles distant. [=(more commonly) away]
Definition 2:
Far away in time :happening far in the past or far into the future .

In the distant past, dinosaurs roamed the earth.
The day I left home is now a distant memory.
The distant future
We’re expecting major changes in the not too distant future. [=soon]
Definition 3:
used to describe a relative who is not closely related to you opposite close compare immediate.

She’s a distant cousin of mine.
Some of my more distant relatives still live there.
Definition 4:
Having to do with something that is not related to what is happening where you are or at the present time .

His mind drifted to distant thoughts.
I remember when the restaurant’s opening was nothing more than a distant possibility.
She has a distant look in her eye. [=the look on her face shows that she is thinking about something that is not related to what is happening now]
Definition 5:
Not friendly or showing emotion .

People did not like her distant manner.
He was cold and distant.
Definition 6:
Not like someone or something else usually + from .

The values of that time seem very distant [=different] from our own.

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