Agree To Take Up Residence

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Definition 1:
To end (something, such as an argument) by reaching an agreement + obj no obj .

They were determined to settle the dispute/argument before going home for the day.
settle a case/lawsuit
The two sides have settled their differences.
He agreed to settle out of court. [=to reach an agreement about a legal case without going to court]
Definition 2:
To make a final decision about (something) :decide often used as (be) settled .

We need to settle this question once and for all.
That settles it. I can’t take the day off from work, so I’m not going.
It‘s settled then: you pay for dinner and I’ll pay for the movie.
Definition 3:
To move to a place and make it your home no obj + obj often used as (be) settled .

His grandparents were immigrants from Germany who settled in Pennsylvania.
He always thought he’d leave the city and settle in the country.
The people who settled the West
The region was settled by German immigrants.
The area was settled in the 18th century.
Definition 4:
To put or place (someone) in a comfortable position + obj no obj .

He settled the baby into its crib.
She settled herself behind the wheel and pulled the car out of the driveway.
He settled back into his chair.
Definition 5:
To begin to feel comfortable in a new place, job, position, etc. + in or into .

I’m glad to finally be settling in at my new job.
The children are settling into their new school just fine.
Definition 6:
To make (someone or something) quiet or calm .

Rocking settled the baby.
She had a drink to settle her nerves.
Definition 7:
To become quiet or calm .

I’m still waiting for my nerves to settle. [=settle down]
Definition 8:
To relieve pain and discomfort in (the stomach) .

Ginger and peppermint tea are good for settling the/your stomach.
Definition 9:
To move slowly downward :to sink gradually .

The foundation of the house has settled a little.
An area where the ground has settled
Definition 10:
To go or fall down to a surface see also the dust settles at dust.

Dust settled on the shelves.
The cocoa settled to the bottom of the mug.
Some of the contents (of the package) may have settled during shipping.
Fog settles [=collects] in the valley.
Definition 11:
To stop flying, moving, etc., and rest on something often + on often used figuratively .

The birds settled on a branch.
His eyes settled on the woman in the red dress. [=his eyes stopped moving and he looked at the woman in the red dress]
A hush settled on the crowd. = A hush settled over the room. [=everyone in the crowd/room became quiet]
Boredom settled on the faces of the students. [=the students began to look bored]
Definition 12:
To pay money that is owed no obj often + with or up + obj .

Before moving he settled with the utility company.
We can settle up later.
We settled the bill.
When do you intend to settle your account? [=pay what you owe]
Definition 13:
To arrange who will be given control or ownership of (a property, business, etc.) .

She had to settle her aunt’s estate after her death.
Definition 14:
To put (something) in order so that nothing else needs to be done .

He settled his affairs before entering the army.

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