Add Or Connect

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Definition 1:
To fasten or join one thing to another often used as (be) attached often used figuratively .

I’ve attached an application to the brochure for you.
She attached a note to the package.
I attached the file to the e-mail.
A hook is attached to the back of the picture frame.
The man attached the blame to the two boys. [=said the two boys should be blamed]
The lawyer attached [=added] new conditions to the contract.
The shy child attached herself to her mother [=stayed close to her mother] during the whole party.
Definition 2:
To be or become joined or connected opposite detach.

The handle attaches here on the top.
Definition 3:
To associate or connect one thing with another + to often used as (be) attached .

It’s obvious in the way he dresses that he attaches great importance to appearance. [=he thinks appearance is very important]
People attach different meanings to the poem. [=people understand the meaning of the poem in different ways]
Magical powers were once thought to be attached to the stone. [=the stone was once thought to have magical powers]
Little credibility was attached to his story. [=people did not think that his story was very credible]
Definition 4:
To associate or connect (yourself) with someone or something + to often used as (be) attached .

He attached himself to an older, wealthy woman.
She attached herself to the cause.
His doctor is attached to the clinic. [=his doctor is associated with the clinic]

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