Acknowledge Deferred Payment

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Definition 1:
Money that a bank or business will allow a person to use and then pay back in the future If you buy something on credit, you take it and promise to pay for it later. .

Banks that extend credit to the public
Some banks will charge a fee if you go over your credit limit. [=if you spend more money than the bank has agreed to let you use]
Back then, stores allowed their customers to buy food on credit.
Definition 2:
A record of how well you have paid your bills in the past .

How’s your credit?
Do you have good credit? [=have you paid back money you owe, paid your bills when they are due, etc.?]
You need to have a strong credit history and a good job in order to get a mortgage.
Definition 3:
An amount of money that is added to an account opposite debit.

A credit of $50 was added to your account.
Definition 4:
An amount of money that is subtracted from the amount that must be paid .

Families with children in college will receive a tax credit this year. [=the amount that they owe in taxes will be reduced]
Definition 5:
Praise or special attention that is given to someone for doing something or for making something happen often + for If you give credit where credit is due you praise someone who deserves to be praised. .

All the credit must go to the play’s talented director.
She’s finally getting the credit she deserves.
He shared the credit with his parents.
You’ve got to give her credit; she knows what she’s doing.
They were given credit for the discovery.
He didn’t actually write the essay, but he got credit for it.
You have to give us credit for trying. We did the best we could.
She never took credit for her achievements.
Party leaders took/claimed full credit for the country’s progress. [=they claimed that they alone caused the country’s progress]
In receiving this award, I must give credit where credit is due and acknowledge all the people who helped me.
Definition 6:
A good opinion that people have about someone or something Someone or something that brings credit to you or does you credit causes people to think of you in favorable way. Something that is to your credit causes people to have a more favorable opinion of you. Something that does you no credit causes people to have a less favorable opinion of you. .

She is a talented journalist who has brought credit to the newspaper.
The fact that administrators fired the offending teacher immediately does the school credit.
It’s to her credit that she admitted her mistake.
To his credit, Mr. Smith has offered to pay for the damages.
It does them no credit to continue fighting over this issue.
Definition 7:
A source of honor or pride for someone or something used in the phrase a credit to .

You are a credit to your family and your country.
He’s an excellent athlete and a credit to the sport.
Definition 8:
A list of the names of the people who have worked on or performed in a movie, television program, etc. .

The movie’s opening/closing credits
Her name was listed in the credits.
We always stay to watch the credits.
Definition 9:
A unit that measures a student’s progress towards earning a degree in a school, college, etc. count noncount .

So far, you’ve earned a total of 12 credits.
Our program gives academic credit for working with several social service organizations.
Definition 10:
The amount of points earned for work done on a test, exam, project, etc. sometimes used figuratively. .

Students will only receive partial credit for correct answers that are not written as complete sentences.
To earn full credit [=the total amount of points possible] you must include at least three maps with your project.
Answer this last question correctly for extra credit.
They deserve respect for making the event happen, and they get extra credit for doing it in a way that included everyone.

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