A Gin Knocked Back In Two Places?

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Definition 1:
Separated by an amount of space often used figuratively .

He stood with his feet planted far/wide apart.
With legs apart
They live five miles apart (from each other).
The garage stands apart from the house. [=the garage is separate from the house]
He stood apart while the other members of the team celebrated.
They started fighting and it took four people to pull them apart (from each other). [=to separate them]
She tried to keep apart from [=to stay out of] family arguments.
She has a quality that sets her apart from other singers. [=that makes her different from other singers]
They were close friends once, but they have drifted/grown apart. [=they are no longer close friends]
They are far apart on most issues. = They are worlds/poles apart on most issues. [=they disagree very much on most issues]
The neighborhood she lives in now is a world apart from [=is completely different from] the small town where she grew up.
Definition 2:
Separated by an amount of time .

Their children were born two years apart.
Definition 3:
Not together .

My wife and I are unhappy when we’re apart.
They separated and have been living apart for the past year.
Definition 4:
Into parts or pieces .

He took the clock apart.
The old couch is falling apart. = The old couch is coming apart at the seams.
Blast/blow/break/fly apart
Cut/pry/pull apart
Rip/tear/split apart
Definition 5:
used to say that something is not included in a statement that follows .

A few minor flaws apart [=aside], the novel is excellent. [=except for a few minor flaws, the novel is excellent]

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