Brilliant Finish In Two Churches Answer from The Sun Crossword No 001527

Hello, crossword enthusiasts! You’ve landed on our daily series dedicated to cracking The Sun 2-Speed Crossword, one of the most popular crosswords in the UK. If you’re a fan, you know it offers two intriguing levels of difficulty: Cryptic and Coffee Time. Cryptic clues serve as a tough mental workout, stretching your vocabulary and testing your general knowledge. On the other hand, Coffee Time clues provide a more relaxing but equally satisfying challenge. Either way, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive answers and solutions!

Today’s clue we’re focusing on is Number 1. Here’s what the clue looks like in both Cryptic and Coffee Time clues:

  • Cryptic: Brilliant finish in two churches
  • Coffee Time: Metallic element
Answer: CHROME

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